Shawl Lady Prints


 These beautiful 14.5" x 11.5” prints, from original works by Chholing Taha, are mounted on foam core backing and shrink wrapped for protection.

Chholing Taha, The Shawl Lady, was born in Ontario near the Six Nations Reserve to a Cree mother and who she thinks was likely a Mohawk father, because she spent her earliest years on the reserve among the Mohawk tribe. When she was just 3 years old her mother disappeared, and she was left in a rooming house on the U.S. – Canadian border, soon to be adopted out to a non-Native family. 

Known as an illustrator and textile artist, Ms. Taha is inspired by Native stories from throughout the communities of Native Americans, or First Peoples. Her blankets and shawls are sought after by Native Fancy Dancers at Pow Wows due to their intricate hand work, vibrant color schemes and rich narrative/totemic content.

Her figurative paintings are pleasant but not sachrine, depicting scenes of daily life of Native Americans in gorgeous natural settings. On closer inspection, details are revealed that are both provocative and historically accurate, suggesting an intimacy with the subject matter. Narratives depicting groups of Natives from different areas meeting to trade are displayed along side scenes which are symbolic and often abstracted in a variety of Native styles.