Native Punk Jacket and Skirt by NTVS and Buzz Boutique


When these native made patches arrived from the NTVS we knew we had to stick them on something! This vintage skirt and jacket combo from our neighbors Buzz Boutique peeked out of the racks, and the girls made some magic. Patches feature work by native artist Steven Paul Judd. They pop with so much color and detail, just like our stickers and shirts from the NTVS.

We’re proud to partner with Buzz Boutique, a small, women owned business that rescues gently-used upscale clothing. Melisa and Katelynn also offer alteration and sewing services. They’re not just our neighbors, they’re our friends and team members!

Jacket is denim, women’s size 4. Skirt is women’s size 2. Model is approximately 5’7”. Patches are sewn on and can be removed by a tailor with no damage to the garments.