MMIW Fancy Shawl Dolls; Authentic Native Made in Montana by Chippewa Cree Artist


These exclusive edition We Come in Many Shades dolls in Fancy Shawl regalia remember our Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives. They dance for everyone we miss.

100% of proceeds from these dolls go to the Snowbird Fund of the Montana Community Foundation. The Snowbird Fund provides direct financial assistance to the families of missing Indigenous people in Montana to aid in searches and support the family while their loved one is missing. Learn more at

The Fancy Shawl Dancer traditionally is said to be mimicking a colorful butterfly as it floats over a grassy, wildflower spotted meadow. The dancer is up on her toes to provide the allure of flight with the shawl and fringe symbolizing wings and swaying grass. During honor beats of the drum, the dancer might spin to the beat as a butterfly tossed by a sudden gust of wind. There are additional stories relating to how this dance style developed and its origin.

Dresses are made by Fawn, Chippewa Cree from the Rocky Boy Reservation in Montana. Dolls are made in partnership with Nila Dolls of the Ukraine.

Doll sizes vary in height from 11.5 inches to 12 inches. Doll stands not included. Doll can be swapped out for one with black hair or Black skin, just let us know in the order notes!