Lunar Brambles Native Herbal Tea; Bulk Quantities; Native Made in Montana


Handcrafted by our artist and tea maker Donna Erickson, these native-made herbal teas are a great gift or addition to your tea cabinet! Chock full of natural ingredients to warm your heart and heal your soul. Each order comes with a story card unique to each blend. Flavors are noted below.

2 cups (3oz) tea per order. Packaged in compostable Kraft paper bag.

Winds of Change (a celebration tea) made with lemon balm, field mint, rose hips, calendula petals, caraway seeds, and wild cherry bark

Dreamcatcher (a dreaming tea) made with spearmint, pineapple weed, St. Jon’s wort, skullcap, anise seed, and hops

Dancing Sky (a joy of being tea) is made with rose petals, oat straw, lavender, rosemary, caraway, and orange peel

Four Directions is made with raspberry leaf, comfrey, cleavers, hawthorn berries, sage, spruce, and yarrow

Drum Song (a courage and vitality tea) made with nettle, rose hips, yarrow, cumin seed, blessed thistle, sage, and cayenne