Greeting Card Bundles by John Potter


Send your best wishes with these high quality greeting cards from Anishinaabe artist John Potter. Each bundle includes four cards, and each card is 5“x7. All cards have envelopes included.

Featuring the oil paintings Motherhood (2014), The Remains of the Day (2018), Making Waves (2019), and Spirit in the Sky (2021).

A devoted student of the plein air approach to painting landscape, John takes his paints and canvas panels into the field to produce small oil studies, which are later used in the studio to complete his larger compositions.

A solid and traditional education in the key elements of painting - value, color, edges, and drawing - coupled with extensive training in composition as a professional illustrator, have given John's work a signature style that is quickly gaining him recognition among his peers and collectors alike. 

“When I step outside to paint, my intent is to observe and to borrow from nature, in order to orchestrate a moment of light, color, and my own emotional and intellectual responses to these on canvas," explains John. "My hope is that the viewer may see the world through my eyes for a moment and gain an appreciation for the quiet dignity to be found in the wild."

Nature as seen through the eyes of an artist whose love for the natural world lives deep within his spirit, his culture, and his very soul.