Go Show the World Children’s Book with Authentic Ribbon Shirt Outfit and Doll; Native Made in Montana by Chippewa Cree Artist


Celebrating the stories of Indigenous people throughout time, Wab Kinew has created a powerful rap song, the lyrics of which are the basis for the text in this beautiful picture book, illustrated by the acclaimed Joe Morse. Including figures such as Crazy Horse, Net-no-kwa, former NASA astronaut John Herrington and Canadian NHL goalie Carey Price, Go Show the World showcases a diverse group of Indigenous people in the US and Canada, both the more well known and the not- so-widely recognized. Individually, their stories, though briefly touched on, are inspiring; collectively, they empower the reader with this message: "We are people who matter, yes, it's true; now let's show the world what people who matter can do."

Go Show the World hardcopy book is paired with one of our Native ribbon shirted boys. All of our doll's outfits are made by Fawn, a Chippewa Cree Tribal member, from Rocky Boy. Listing is for one doll. Doll bodies are custom made in partnership with Nila Dolss.

Doll sizes vary in height from 11.5 inches to 12 inches. Doll stands not included.