Gift Horse Children’s Book with Authentic Native Made in Montana Ribbon Shirt Outfit and Doll


When Flying Cloud’s father gives him a Gift Horse, marking the beginning of his journey to manhood, Flying Cloud names the horse Storm. The two become inseparable: they spend their days riding across the prairie, hunting deer, and roughhousing with the other boys and their horses. But as Flying Cloud becomes a man, his life takes a serious turn: He must now learn the ways of his people and what it means to be a Lakota warrior. So when enemies of the Lakota steal many of the tribe’s horses—including Storm—Flying Cloud must join the rescue party. Will he prove he has the courage to become a true Warrior?

This beautifully illustrated hardback copy of the Gift Horse is complimented by our ribbon shirt Native boy doll.  All of our doll's outfits are made by Fawn, a Chippewa Cree Tribal member, from Rocky Boy. Listing is for one doll. Doll bodies are custom made in partnership with Nila Dolss.

Doll sizes vary in height from 11.5 inches to 12 inches. Doll stands not included.