Cards for Decolonization and Expansion Pack; Native Made in Montana


Decolonize your game night!

Developed by Indians for Indians, this game is part of the Native Teaching Aids line-up coming out of Montana.

Similar to Cards Against Humanity, this card game will decolonize your game night. Ideal for high school & college Native Studies or teen/adult play.

Cards for Decolonization contains cards about stereotypes, social issues, and cultural icons unique to Indian Country. There are some mature themes in Cards for Decolonization, so if your uncle who used to be on council is playing, maybe consider removing the “nepotism” and “embezzling tribal chairmen” cards.

The game comes with 100 red question cards and 380 white response cards. We also include a handful of blank cards to write your own jokes. Great for writing in that one time your nephew snagged his cousin.

The Westward Expansion Pack adds additional laughs while acting as an educational tool. Cards for Decolonization are sold separately.

Comes with 22 new red prompt cards and 78 new white response cards.