Authentic Native Made Grass Dancer Boy Dolls


We Come in Many Shades dolls in traditional grass dance regalia. Regalia is made by Fawn, Chippewa Cree from Rocky Boy. Select from the drop down menu the doll that you connect with. Dolls are made in partnership with Nila Dolls of the Ukraine.

Doll sizes vary in height from 11 inches to 12 inches. Doll stands not included. Each doll is meant to be played with.

Some believe that grass dancing came from young boys tying grass on their outfits. Before a dance could be held on the prairie the grass had to be stomped down. This is where many of the movements are believed to com e from. Afterwards the dancers would tie the grass to their outfit. Many believe that the Omaha tribe originated the dance in their warrior societies. Source:

Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.