Authentic Native Made Wax Melts



Transport your senses to Indian Country.

 These soy wax melts are made exclusively for Sage & Oats Trading Post by Summer (Northern Cheyenne) who makes our candles. The wax melts are an inexpensive way to enjoy the benefits of the candle and can be burned in any wax melting equipment. Packaged in a plastic clam shell and packed full of scents like frybread & honey, sweetgrass, tobacco offering and dreamcatcher.

Sweetgrass - sweetgrass
MMIW - rose petals
Medicine Bundle - sage & cedar
Homeland - pine
Smoke Signals - campfire
Dreamcatcher - lavender and sage

Tobacco Offering - native spirit tobacco
Frybread and honey - all the sweet without the calories

Snaggin’ Season - Pendleton wool with a splash of cologne

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