Lunar Brambles Native Herbal Tea; Native Made in Montana


This Native Made in Montana loose leaf herbal tea sets are made in Montana by a Native Apache/ Cherokee descendant.

Chock full of natural ingredients to warm your heart and heal your soul. Flavors are noted below.

Individual teas come in a decorative organza gift bag with native made honey.

Box set includes: 8 different tea flavors, 8 story cards, a tea infuser, and one 2oz container of Native made honey. Please allow additional days for orders to be processed and shipped. Ships in a cardboard crate - image of wooden crates are for visual display only.

Flavors include:
Winds of Change (a celebration tea) made with lemon balm, field mint, rose hips, calendula petals, caraway seeds, and wild cherry bark
Turtles Blessing (a comforting and healing tea) made with red clover top, comfrey leaf, fennel seed, chickweed, horehound, Oswego tea, thuja leaf, and bay leaf
Dreamcatcher (a dreaming tea) made with spearmint, pineapple weed, St. Jon’s wort, skullcap, anise seed, and hops
Drum Song (a courage and vitality tea) made with nettle, rose hips, yarrow, cumin seeds, blessed thistle, sage, and cayenne
Maiden’s Gift (a courtship tea) made with rose petals, catnip, cleavers, dandelion leaf, hyssop, marjoram bear berry, wild ginger root, coriander seed, and vanilla bean
Flowering Tree (a tribal wisdom tea) made with field mint, raspberry leaf, strawberry leaf, spruce needle, juniper berry, and dill seed
And our newest flavors special to Sage and Oats!
Buffalo Earth (the sage to my oats) made with tarragon, field mint, nettle, sage, cumin, and cedar
Dancing Sky ( the oats to my sage) made with rose petals, oat straw, lavender, rosemary, caraway, and orange peel

Our teas not only have a new, lighter, and colorful container, but now include the stories behind each tea name! Tin colors may vary.