Authentic Buckskin Doll Dresses; Native Made in Montana by Chippewa Cree Artist


Buckskin dresses are known for their simplicity of ornamentation and beauty. We hope you find this doll a happy home with a child who cherishes their culture as much as this doll loves their’s.

A Southern buckskin outfit consists of a partially beaded skirt; top, high top boot moccasins, a southern-style purse, dance shawl, and a feather dance fan. The dancers often wear chokers, beaded hair ties and fur hair extensions. The styles of beadwork differ greatly among the tribes, and although these dresses may have extensive beadwork, the tops are not fully beaded. Modern dresses have very long fringes hanging from their sleeves. Southern dancers will dance with very dignified, graceful steps around the arena.

Most of the Northern-style dresses have fully beaded tops, and are often worn with fully beaded moccasins and separate leggings. The tops have very long fringes hanging from their sleeves, and the dancer will generally carry a fully beaded purse, a dance shawl, and an eagle feather fan. Occasionally, a Northern dancer will have a wool broadcloth skirt instead of a skin one, or have a cloth dress top that appears very similar to a fully beaded top. Many of the Northern dancers will dance in place, doing a graceful "bounce" to the rhythm of the drum. Most wear eagle plumes and/or an eagle feather in their hair, and usually wear chokers, beaded hair ties, and otter-fur hair extensions.

Doll dresses are made by Chippewa Cree tribal member Fawn Brown.  Doll stands are approximately 12" and is meant to be played with.  Not recommended for children under 3.