Kilt Can Koozies


Keep your Irn Bru cool with a kilted koolie! Available in a variety of tartans, these wee kilts (with their own sporrans) are sure to delight the Scotsman in your life. 

Each Kilted Koolie is handmade using tartan imported from Scotland. The pleats are stitched part way down just like in a full size kilt. The sporran is individually crafted from leather and rabbit fur to gain an authentic look and can be customized to match your kit. A button is added as a buckle with an extra piece of metal sewn to the back to ensure that it will not come off during normal use. A tiny heart bead with a celtic knot is added for a kilt pin. Finally, the whole kit is attached to a diving grade neoprene beverage coolie.

This product contains small pieces and is not meant for children under 3 years of age. Fits most standard water bottles, soda or beer cans and bottle shaped beer cans.

Choose your favorite tartan from the drop-down menu!