Native Earth Seasoning Mix Packets; Made in Montana


Our spice queen, Cheryl, brings us these bite-sized seasoning mixes all the way from Polebridge in Northwestern Montana. The perfect size for two or three dishes, these packets are resealable and compact. Weights vary. Made without artificial additives or preservatives.

Herbes de Provence is a traditional, yet versatile herb mix with no added salt.

Bar-B-Que Ranch is a crowd-pleaser when mixed into yogurt or buttermilk to make a dip or dressing.

Cowboy Chili Rub is great on pork, chicken, game, and beef. Please do not rub it on a cowboy.

(SOLD OUT - Check out our shaker bottles) Montana Steak & Game is a shop favorite. When made into a marinade, this packet provides enough for 30 steaks. Also available in a 3oz shaker bottle.

(SOLD OUT - Check out our shaker bottles)  Montana Fish & Poultry is herby, lemony, and light. Also available in a 1.75oz shaker bottle.

Greek Salad Dressing is a light, no-fuss mix that makes bottle after bottle of dressing. 

Cowgirl Coffee Rub is a favorite with locals. Try it on ribs!

Swedish Meatball will be a hit at your next potluck. One packet makes enough for 90 meatballs.

Montana 4-pack includes: (some items are sold out so unavailable)
1 Cowboy Chili Rub
1 Steak & Game Rub
1 Bar-B-Que Ranch Dressing or Dip
1 Fish & Poultry Rub

Full Set 8-pack includes one of each seasoning mix (some items are sold out so unavailable) 

Common sense foods that taste uncommonly good — naturally!