Red Root Plant Based Healing Balms; Blackfeet Made in Montana


These natural healing balms are made by Blackfeet Indian women from plants harvested near Glacier National Park. Balms are vegan, made with a base of vegetable oils and scented with herbal infusions. Does not contain animal products or essential oils.

(SEASONAL) Skin Balm provides comfort from itchy, dry skin and eczema. Ingredients include plaintain, comfry, yarrow, sage and willow. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR WOMEN WHO ARE PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING.

Fire Fighters Hands is a thick salve for rough, dry hands. Also good for minor burns, cuts, and scrapes. Ingredients include pine, cottonwood, and lavender.

Joint & Muscle Rub provides immediate relief from joint pain without pulsing hot and cold like other pain relievers. Includes arnica, red willow, and cayenne. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR WOMEN WHO ARE PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING.

Dry Cracked Hands and Feet soothes winter skin with ingredients like cottonwood, beeswax, yarrow, and sage.

Refreshing Feet gives your achy feet a break after a long day with healing, tingling ingredients like cottonwood and peppermint.

Medicine Touch is a cooling salve for dry chapped hands, minor scrapes, sunburn or dry itchy skin. Some ingredients include: sage, yarrow, peppermint, comfrey and lemon grass.

Diabetic Balm is an anti-fungal, antibiotic and antimicrobial balm. Great healer of ringworm and foot fungus.  Some ingredients include green walnut hull, cedar oil, and pine sap.

Warrior Women’s healing balm soothes hard-working hands with yarrow, sage, comfrey, and cucumber.

Working Man’s Hands healing balm moisturizes and prevents cracking with yarrow, sage, comfrey, and pine.

Respiratory & Chest healing balm opens sinuses and soothes cold symptoms. Rub on chest and under nose for gently-scented, all natural relief with peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptus.

Listing is for one balm.