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Visit Montana to Discover Scottish Roots

Visit Montana to Discover Scottish Roots

Visit: Historic Fort Connah - the Last Hudson Bay Trading Post in the US

History  Angus McDonald, Frontier Fur Trader
Author:  Albert J. Partoll

The fur trade of the Pacific Northwest in the days of the presettlement frontier presents an imperishable chapter in the history of "Old Oregon," as the Western wilderness was then titled. The quest for great wealth in furs lured many into a dangerous career and a life of adventure. Men who yielded to the spell of the mountains and primitive environment often became part of their surroundings in
thought, habit, and custom in order to survive the isolation and hardships. Once such adaptation took place, there was no retreat, as original standards faded with the acquiring of new patterns of life into this setting in 1839 came Angus McDonald, a young Scotsman from across the Atlantic Ocean; and he, too, was later to respond to the "change" which occupation and boundless domain imposed upon him.

As life unfolded, Angus McDonald (1816-1889) became well known in the fur trade of the Pacific Northwest. Once rooted, he chose to remain in the West; and as the fur trade declined, he found new interests as a settler and as a citizen in a territory reborn. Strong family devotion towards his twelve children and his Nez Perce Indian wife welded the course of his life to the land of their birth.'

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